Tips for children (or yourselves) to get the pets involved in Halloween

Spooky season is nearly upon us. With only a few day to go until Halloween, why not get your dog involved in the celebrations? 

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun with your dog. Dressing them up for the occasion or treating them to some doggy Halloween treats will get you both in the spooky spirit this October 31st! 

There are heaps of Halloween costumes available online and in stores or you could even make your own. Let your imagination run wild! Alternatively you can check out some great inspiration here!

It’s important to remember that safety is the most important thing when dressing up your dog. Avoid any toxic ingredients or choking hazards, ensure they are comfortable and don’t leave them unattended at any times. Stick to these simple tips and you and your pet are sure to have a fun time dressing up for the occasion.

Why not make some spooky doggy treats so your pooch doesn’t experience any food envy when you’re handing out sweets and chocolates to trick-or-treaters! 

Did you know that dogs can eat pumpkin? Yep, that’s right. As long as it’s cooked and portions are kept small, pumpkin can actually be very nutritious for dogs. 

Pumpkin contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and more! Plain canned pumpkin is the best option and can be found in most supermarkets. Make sure to look closely when shopping though because any pumpkin containing cinnamon, nutmeg or other spices may cause tummy upsets. 

Many supermarkets and pet shops will be selling special doggy Halloween treats around this time of year or, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, why not make some yourself? Here’s some basic recipes, all you need to do now is add a Halloween touch!

You could even host a dogs-only Halloween party to show off all the tasty treats you’ve prepared! This is a great way to encourage socialisation as well as having a great time yourself. Invite some friends to dress themselves and their pet up and come over for a game or movie night. Why not rate each other’s costumes and have a prize for the winner! 

If you’re not up for your own party, look out for local Halloween pet events that might be taking place in the neighbourhood. A simple Google search will inform you of any going on nearby. Or you could also have a look on social media through local community groups. There’s bound to be something happening!

If you are thinking about taking your dog out on Halloween night, then how about treating them to a glow-in-the-dark collar? This way it’ll make trick-or-treaters vigilant as well as getting your furry friend in the Halloween spirit. You can both wander the streets together checking out the outfits!

If you’re up for it, you could even take your dog trick-or-treating with you (if you feel they are comfortable doing so). Reward them with a treat when they show good behaviour around other people to show them that Halloween isn’t just for the kids! 

Please beware this may not be beneficial for all dogs! If they are easily spooked or have issues socialising, it’s best to celebrate indoors. Check with your vet if you are unsure. 

Whatever your plans are this Halloween, be sure to enjoy yourself. After all it only comes round once a year!

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