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Three ways to avoid dog hair in your home

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than watching your guest get up and leave your home covered in dog fur from your sofa. Or does it get any more mortifying than sitting around the table and someone makes a point that they’ve found a dog hair in their food? Like many animals, dogs naturally shed their fur (it’s a sign of a healthy dog). The amount of hair will depend on the breed and size of the dog. Although there is no way to stop this problem completely, there are some tips which can help reduce the number of hairs you find around your house.

Regularly brush your dog

A little TLC never hurt no one. Grooming your dog takes up such a small percentage of your week, so you have no excuse. You’ll be thankful in the long run. Make sure to brush your dog outside the house, for example in the back garden, so you’re not left with piles of hair to clean up afterwards.  Brushing your dog will get rid of all the old hairs that are soon to fall out and will save you time and effort sweeping and vacuuming the floors. There’s a variety of grooming tools available on the market for the various different types of dog hair,  so you’re bound to find one that suits your pooch.

Get your dog checked for fleas

If you’ve been a dog owner for a while, you’ll be aware that most dogs tend to get fleas at some point during their lives. Whether you like it or not it’s pretty much unavoidable. But did you know this could also be a reason why your dog’s hair falls out? Choosing the right flea treatment for your pet is essential, not only for their comfort and health, but also to reduce moulting caused by infections and inflammation. While you’re here check out our post on how to prevent fleas.

Purchase some machine washable items for your house

Dog owners will agree: anything that can be thrown in the washing machine will make your life ten times easier. For example, rugs are a simple yet effective way to keep your carpets protected, throws can stop your sofa from being covered in hair and machine washable pillow cases will save you cringing when guests come round for a cup of tea. There’s even slipcovers you can purchase now which completely cover your sofa and can be easily wiped down.

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