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The Best Dog Memes on the Internet This Week.

Every week, we’ll be bringing you the best dog memes of the internet for your viewing enjoyment. Watch out cats—dogs are quickly becoming the hottest sensation on the internet. And it’s no wonder why! Doggos are amazing. So, in no particular order (because all dogs are awesome) here’s the 10 best dog memes I’ve found on the internet this week, guaranteed to brighten your day.

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The best dog memes on the internet.

Did someone say WALKIES?!?!?!?!?!?!

I’m carrying very important documents.


These lab results are integral for my work, boss. I promise. He simply HAS to come to work with me.


The perfect employee


Who is a good boy?! Lucky it’s a hardware store and not a grocery store.



I’m going to try this in my next job interview.

Such “diet”


Much treat, such food. Yaassss, all the chippies. Screw diet. Am perfect.



All he wanted was enough change to go buy a lolly at the corner store.

Excuse me, you’re in my spot

This is MY spot now. It’s not your neck. It’s mine. And i’m cute, so it’s okay.

The secret pizza agent.


*Cue Mission Impossible theme song: Pizza edition.*


Image via Humans of Tumblr Facebook Page.
Image via Humans of Tumblr Facebook Page.

The only time an accidental front picture actually looks cute.

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