Super Cheap Toys For Your Pooch this Christmas

Find the perfect Christmas toys for your pooch.
Find the perfect Christmas toys for your pooch. Image via Pexels.

We love our pets—but gosh, toys can be expensive! This year, treat your pet to the finest budget toys money can buy. Your pet will love them, and they won’t break the bank.

The squeaky chicken

An absolute pet favourite in my household! It may not last long, but boy, it’s fun. My dogs in particular love stretching and chewing it to pieces, and insist on keeping and playing with it, even when the squeak is long gone.

Image via Kmart.

Kmart, $5.

Rubber treat ball

Treats AND play time? What could be a better present then that? In warmer weather, try adding your pet’s favourite treats and freezing them for a particularly chilled play session.

Kmart, $3.

Tennis balls

An oldie, but a goodie! Have a ball with your pooch playing fetch, or simply let them chew to their heart’s desire.

The Reject Shop, $3.

Almost indestructible bounce ball

My dogs love to chew and destroy anything their jaws touch. Even the mightiest of toys can’t stand up to two big, energetic dogs. But this simple, cheap toy has been most impressive—even after three weeks, it’s still intact, and the rubbery texture makes it excellent to chew.

Image via Kmart.

Kmart, $3.


Okay, this isn’t really a toy for your dog—it’s a toy for you, and a chance to snap adorable pictures of your pets dressed as anything. They can be a shark, a taco, a bumble bee—or with Christmas approaching, they can even be dressed up as Christmas trees and reindogs. With a variety of sizes, any doggo can get dressed up! Disclaimer: if your dog’s anything like mine, they WILL try to eat the hats.

Kmart, $4-7.

Cruelty-free ear treats

All the fun and taste without the cruelty! My dogs love these delicious chewy treats–you wouldn’t know they’re not from an animal.

The Cruelty Free Shop, $2.20.

Squeaky burger toy

Mmmmmmm, burgers. And they squeak! Again, these are not the most durable, but my dogs sure do love them. Beware the chewed up mess, though.

Burgerlicious. Image via Kmart.

Kmart, $2.

Noisy food ball

When I purchased these, I didn’t realise you were supposed to put treats in—but my dogs loved them anyway. They make a pleasing drone that’s much nicer than the usual squeak, and their hard exterior makes them extremely durable; my puppers are yet to learn how to destroy them.

Kmart, $5.

Dog chocolates

My dogs go ABSOUTELY CRAZY over chocolates. It was definitely a mistake to teach them beg—because they’re constantly begging for chocolate, and will happily devour them eternally; excellent for a treat!

Coles, $2.20.

Pet cooling mat

Summer is HOT—and if you’re uncomfortable, your dog is too. Help them cool down with this snazzy treat.

Kmart, $15.

Merry Barkmas, fellow pet owners!

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