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Pet Sitting v Dog Boarding: what’s best?

There comes a time in our lives when we have to say a temporary farewell to our furry friends. Whether it be a holiday, wedding or a business trip, sometimes it just isn’t the right place to bring your pet. 

But making sure you’ve arranged the best possible care while you’re away can sometimes be stressful. If you’re not lucky enough to have a friend or family member who can look after your pet, most people opt for one of two choices: pet sitting or dog boarding.

Pet Sitting

There are usually two types of pet sitters. Those who will come in and out of the home to check up on the animal, feed them, take them for a walk etc. 

Other pet sitters will reside at the pet’s home and be with the animal during most, if not all of the day. 

Pet sitting has many advantages, most due to the fact that the stress factors are reduced as they aren’t detached from their usual environment.

The owner can also communicate with the pet sitter on their pet’s day-to-day routine so that their diet and exercise routines can be maintained. This also reduces any stress you or your pet may have when going away.

If your time away from home could become a regular occurrence, then using the same pet sitter on numerous occasions may also be beneficial as they will become familiar over time. 

Pet sitting also has some benefits to owners! Having someone in and out of the home is a good way to deter burglars from the home. Pet sitters may also be happy to take in the mail, water the plants and do any other small errands if you ask! 

Overall hiring a pet sitter is the perfect way to keep your peace of mind and ensure your pet stays happy and healthy when you’re away from home.

PetsOnMe can provide you with trusted and reliable pet sitters. Take a look at how the process works here!

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding differs slightly from pet sitting as the minding takes place in the minder’s home instead of your own! 

Again, the stress factor is significantly reduced as dog boarding eliminates the use of cages. Unlike boarding kennels where dogs are kept in cages for up to 18 hours a day!

Instead, your dog will be with a friendly and loving minder who is selected because of their care and passion to animals.

Knowing your dog won’t be cooped up in a small space all day will put your mind at rest when you are away and has obvious benefits for their physical and emotional health. 

Your dog also won’t be exposed to any intimidating unfamiliar environments making the whole process easier for you both. 

Although most dog kennels do allow dogs to go outside to a running yard at some points during the day, this isn’t guaranteed to actually exercise the dog.

Especially as your dog may be overwhelmed or stressed and less likely to run around and explore. Whereas minders will walk, run and play with the dog, keeping them active throughout the day.  

And the best part? You can arrange a meet and greet between your dog and the minder to see how well they get along. 

The sitter can update you with regular photographs and updates so you know how they are doing which will put your mind at ease. You don’t get this personal touch at a kennel!

Dog boarding is also a cheaper alternative to a kennel. PetsOnMe offer Dog boarding starting from just $35.00 per night with insured and reviewed dog minders near you. Find out more here

Whatever option you choose, our support team will be with you every step of the way to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience through out!

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