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Pet Sitting, Doggy Day Care, Pet Hotels – Which Option Is Best?

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We all want to spend as much time with our dogs as possible, but the reality is that sometimes we need to part ways for temporary periods of time. Luckily the modern, connected world offers many options to ensure that we find the outcome best and most suited to our dogs. After all, their happiness and emotional well being is without a doubt the most important thing. It’s also important for us to keep our minds at rest and know that our dogs are in good hands while we’re away. Who could, for example, enjoy a holiday if they’re having to spend the whole time worry about where their dog is and what they’re up to? Some of us can travel with our dogs, but it’s often simply not realistic. In these cases, we without a doubt suggest and recommend the pet-sitting option, as it allows your dog to keep their routine as normal and relaxed as possible, without any great disruption. We will however take a walk through all the options so that you can come to the conclusion that best suits your and your dogs’ needs. So, without further ado.

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Pet Sitting
Thanks to the internet and the wonderful community of good, dog-loving people, pet sitting has grown and become an incredibly viable, easy and well organised option. Services such as our own offer an easy to follow and clear service that ensures you find a good, local sitter for your dog. The first step is searching for available dog minders near you who are able to mind your dog in their own homes, you can then set up a meet and greet to ensure that you get along and that they are a good fit for taking over the care of your dog temporarily. Once you’ve found someone you’re happy with, the next step is easy – enjoy your travels with no worries. You can even request to receive pictures and updates while you’re away, for that extra peace of mind.

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This method is sort of the traditional one undertaken by dog owners, though most have never really liked leaving their dogs in these “situations”. Some kennels and boarding options can be perfectly comfortable and humane, but it’s usually a bit cramped (even more than a small apartment style life) and might not always provide an adequate amount of outdoor hours or emotional attention. Some dogs are needier than others, which is why pet sitting/dog minding is great – it provides personalised, one-on-one attention as opposed to a one size fits all approach. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, they’ll likely need specialised care while you’re away. If you are interested in taking a look into the kenneling or boarding option, there are many options in most areas. Your local vet might even offer a nice and slightly more personalised option or there might be a nice organisation near you.

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Doggy Day Care
Similar to kenneling or boarding but with a modern and slightly more loving twist, doggy-day-care is a great solution for short absences or weekend trips. Functioning as the name suggests, facilities offer “day-care” style services where they will take your dog in for the day and attend to all of their needs in the meantime. While they’ll be with other dogs throughout the day, there will usually be adequate attention given to each individual. This is also a great option if you have a period of time where you working hours are getting extremely long, and you want to make sure that your dog is getting as much care and attention as possible, rather than sitting at home, alone and waiting most of the time.

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Pet Hotels
While these institutions can be extremely expensive, sometimes we want to treat our dogs as much as we treat ourselves. If we’re about to head out on a relaxing, reinvigorating holiday – why not offer the same to our beloved pets? Like hotels for humans, pet hotels usually offer a range of options from standard rooms to exclusive suites, and packages that come with different services and extras. You can simply book a small room for your dog to sleep and hang out in, with a set amount of outdoor hours and personal attention or upgrade to the absolute luxury treatment; whether you think this is necessary or not is truly a matter of personal opinion. These types of services will usually include a very big room, a human sized bed, a personal balcony, many hours of personal attention, delicious meals and even extras including massages and baths. Take a look at what’s available in your area and see if this is something you think your dog would enjoy.

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What do you do with your dog when you’re away? Let us know your solution in the comments section!

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