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Finding the Right Pet Sitting Option for Your Dog

Ideally as a dog owner we would love to take our pooch with us everywhere that we go, though we all not this isn’t realistic. There are always circumstances where as much as you may want to bring your pet with you, it just seems impossible.  Your family and relatives are your best choice to leave your dog but they, too, are living their busy lives. Good news! You have several options to choose from so your dog won’t feel left behind completely, without obliging your family especially if you travel frequently or for long durations.

Here are your options:


Boarding Kennels

boarding kennels for dogs

A dog Boarding Kennel is a place where dogs are housed temporarily. Boarding facilities vary and some do offer great activities for dogs.

Advantages: There are boarding kennels facilities where in they keep your dog active and stimulated by providing occasional running periods in a day. Also, they can enjoy play time with their new-found dog buddies. Usually, sudden and expected change of your schedule will not be a problem as boarding kennel facilities can cater to such situations without a second thought.

Disadvantages: Generally, basic boarding does not  include one-on-one attention. Some do not include playtimes or even walks. Most of the time is spent in a small wire enclosure, concrete pad all alone and only allows few potty breaks in a day. Boarding kennels in Melbourne and Sydney are usually expensive and this coupled with a lack of personalised attention means its not usually the best option for a pooch.


In-home pet sitting

puppy in the house

Nowadays, in-home pet sitting  has become a vert popular choice. This option allows your dog to stick with their usual routine, in a familiar environment. FindADogMinder does offer in-home pet sitting.

Advantages: Your fur-child will not have to adjust to environmental changes. Either the pet sitter can stay in your home or visit your dog for at least once a day. Thus, regular, uninterrupted routine is ensured.

Disadvantages: You are entrusting your home to somebody whom you don’t know. Screening your pet sitter is a must. This is also not a good option for extended holidays.


Pet sitting in the minder’s home.

pet sitter in Australia

This is a rising trend in the community of dog lovers. Pet minding in the minder’s home will give you peace of mind that your dog is kept in a warm, loving environment.

Advantages: This is a cost effective option whilst ensuring your pooch receives plenty of TLC. Your dog gets to enjoy loads of cuddle time and there is no risk of acquiring illnesses such as ‘kennel cough’. Pet sitters from PetsOnMe offer detailed updates of your dog’s stay and even photo updates. You can discuss with your chosen minder his regular routine or any special needs of your fur-child. Meeting in advance, called a ‘meet & greet’ is also available so both minder and owner can ensure 100% peace of mind.

Disadvantage: This is not suitable for dogs that are not comfortable travelling in a car or whom are not comfortable away from their own home.


Spending your time on holidays will be worry-free if you know that your pooch is loved and regularly exercised. Doing your research is a must and equally important is the meet & greet where you meet your dog’s minder in their home before committing to the stay.

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