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Meet Tilly: I Changed Her Food, and it was the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done.

Meet Tilly.

Meet Tilly.

Tilly is—obviously—not a dog. However, like many dogs, Tilly’s a bit of a fussy eater. That was, until I switched her to a new brand of food. If it works for her, it could work for your dog (or cat) too.

Tilly is a one-year-old mum of six who was found on the streets, pregnant, at only seven months old herself. She was taken to a high-kill animal rescue known somewhat for its ill treatment of animals—until I saved her.

That was the easy part. When I adopted her, she had severe people issues. She wouldn’t let anyone pat her. She would run at the slightest sight of movement. She spent most of her time hiding behind my lounge. And most agonising of all? She wouldn’t eat.

I tried everything with her. All the wet food brands the supermarkets sold. Gourmet pet foods from specialty shops that cost me an arm and a leg. Dry food from multiple well-known brands. I even tried to feed her fresh tuna—but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. I asked experts, shop assistants and animal rescue workers, but really, I had no idea what was good for her, or what I was even looking for. I grew exasperated in searching and spending money on things she simply wouldn’t eat, and constantly worried about her health.

The only thing she would even consider eating was fresh kangaroo meat—but even then, that came with a mountain of problems. It’s expensive. It goes off easily. It’s absolutely revolting to shove your hand in a bag of meat (even with a glove or a spoon)—particularly when you don’t eat meat yourself. It was a constant battle between guilt and wanting to give my pet the best.

That was, until I began researching and came across Applaws. The founders of the brand were frustrated by a lack of premium quality foods for their own pets; so they decided to make their own. Applaws has a range of wet and dry cat—and dog—food. The dry food is what I was most interested in for ease—it contains 50% Australian meat, and 50% fruits and veggies, with every ingredient included for a specific health benefit. And it’s grain-free, which is great because cats are obligate carnivores and require meat, not grains.

As I continued to research, I noticed the prominence of cheap and highly-processed grain fillers in dry food, like corn, wheat, rice and barley. Most concerning, these prominent ingredients can have serious health risks for your pet—cat or dog. Even the top brands I’d been recommended by others were rampant with these cheap fillers.

Tilly the cat changed her diet to Applaws.
She literally chooses Applaws over the fancy meat she used to love.

While I was initially dubious of yet another health claim and pretty packaging, I decided to give Applaws a go. And you know what? Tilly actually likes Applaws—maybe even better than fresh meat! It’s a miracle—and I’ve noticed a lot of positive benefits. Most significantly, she seems satisfied—she’s not constantly seeking or meowing for food. Even when I give her fresh meat, she chooses the dry food. She’s gained weight. Her coat is shiny, and she seems much more affectionate. I know I feel far more affectionate with good food—so why would my cat be any different?

Feeding your pet a grain-free diet has so many benefits. It will:

  • Keep them fuller for longer (because of the meat protein).
  • Save you money—because they won’t eat as much.
  • Reduce food allergies.
  • Promote healthier skin and a shinier coat.
  • Provide better-smelling breath.
  • Decrease flatulence.
  • Manage weight.
  • Maintain healthy joints and teeth.

Tilly, aka Miss Fussy Pants, aka Till-Dog, seems like a much happier cat. And I’m a much happier owner. I’m saving money, time, and not having to handle gross bloody meat—and it’s convenient, available at Coles and Woollies. Plus, Tilly absolutely devours it.

All I’ve got to say is HALLELUJUAH! THANK THE HEAVENS! I’m recommending it to all of my friends. Why not give it a try?

Want a free sample of Applaws for your dog or cat? Contact the dedicated Applaws team here.

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