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Found a Lost Pet? Here’s What to Do

Check for a collar

Slowly approach the dog, speaking calmly to it and check if the dog is wearing a collar which may contain their owner’s contact details. If so, immediately contact the owner advising them that you’ve found their pet and arrange a place to meet. Only approach the dog if its safe to do so. If the dog is aggressive or runs away then contact the council.

Social media

Posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is always helpful when trying to reunite a pet and their owner. Try and search the name of your area into Facebook and see if there are any local groups, including lost and found pages. The power of social media can be amazing, so upload a pic of the pooch to local Facebook groups.

Scan the microchip

Veterinary clinics or animal shelters will be able to scan the dog’s microchip so you can return the dog back to where it belongs. Be aware the animal may be distressed so be gentle when touching or lifting it, speaking calmly as you do so. If necessary, try and use food to beckon the dog.


Take a photograph of the pet and create a poster with your contact details and put it up around the area that you found the animal. It may also be worth putting posters up in neighbouring areas as the animal could have been missing for a couple of days and may have wondered.

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