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Featured Minders – Fawn & Kenton from Palmyra in Perth

Fawn & Kenton
Fawn & Kenton, dog minders in Perth

Local doggy park & why it’s great?

Rather than a dog park we head to South Beach whenever we can. There’s always so many great dogs to play with, not many waves so great for a doggy paddle and a big grassed area to dry off in!

Your first childhood dog’s name and breed

Tara, she was a rescue Doberman x Whippet.

What one life lesson could humans learn from dogs?

Love unconditionally.

“It’s a dog’s life” because…

I can poop wherever I want and the fur-parents have to pick it up!

Best thing about minding?

Getting to see how unique each dog’s personality is, and also the cuddles.

Favourite breed & why?

Rottweiler, they sometimes get a bad name when they are really loyal sooky goofballs.

If you could be any celebrity’s dog for a day who would it be?

Fawn chooses Tom Hardy because he loves dogs so much so it would be an adventure filled day, plus he’s not too bad to look at!

What did a dog last to do make you smile?

I’m smiling at my dog right now because she just bought me her stuffed rabbit toy and rested it on my lap because she wants to play.

Tell us a short doggy tale.

When I was younger we had a German Shepard called Asha. We we’re walking through the countryside one day back in England and Asha ran off, when she came back she was barking and crying. She was alerting us to go with her because she’s found something, we followed her and discovered she’d found a Fawn (a baby deer, which was even more fitting as that’s my name!). The mother was no where to be seen so we were sure she’d been hit by a car (that happens a lot in the country in England), the Fawn wasn’t getting up or running away so we knew she was in a bad state. We took her to the vet, and her prognosis wasn’t good. The best we could do was bottle feed her at home and see if she pulled through. We named her Marmite. So Marmite came home with us, and Asha stayed by her side the whole time and after a couple of weeks of care and attention, she started to get better. All because of Asha.


Fawn & Kenton offer dog walking and dog boarding services in Perth, view their profile here.

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