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Featured Minder Jon from Cammeray in Sydney

Jon our dog walker and pet sitter based in Cammeray, Sydney
Jon, our dog walker and pet sitter based in Cammeray, Sydney

Local doggy park & why it’s great?

Tunks park [Brothers Avenue, Cammeray] – there is great open space for all types of dogs (and their owners) to roam, run, and interact with other fury friends.

Your first childhood dog’s name and breed?

Charlie AKA “Chops”, a brown miniature sausage dog.

What one life lesson could humans learn from dogs?

Patience – once mastered, it helps to reduce stress and increases gratitude and overall health and happiness.

It’s a dog’s life” because…

They get to be naughty and cause a mess and then be forgiven in a heart-beat

Best thing about minding?

I can contribute to their general health and well being and I also get to befriend and interact with a variety of personalities and breeds.

Favourite breed & why?

German Shepherd – they are very loyal, smart dogs and they enjoy doing ‘jobs’ such as playing fetch and learning tricks.

If you could be any celebrity’s dog for a day who would it be?

Richard Branson – I’d get to spend a day, hopefully on his privately-owned island, with a very interesting and intellectual person who makes a big positive impact on our environment.

What did a dog last to do make you smile?

A dog I was minding had a piece of food stuck between his teeth – the best part was the funny mouthing he was doing to try to get the piece of food out. Of course I helped in the end!

Tell us a short doggy tale.

We moved from our farm in 1999 to a new home closer to the city, it was a tough year and a big change for the family including the pets – three miniature sausage dogs and two cats. A difficult part of the move involved leaving our pets in a boarding kennel for a few days while we moved all our belongings. I’ll never forget after having secured and locked the three sausage dogs and cats in their separate enclosures (fenced height of approx. 3 meters with a small gap at the top of the pen), we were busy sorting out the bill at the reception and next thing we noticed Chops strolling along quietly behind us as if implying “don’t leave me behind!”. We were shocked and couldn’t work out how she got out, as the pen had been locked! We concluded that the only way she got out was climbing the fence right to the top, squeezing herself through the little gap, and then leaping with all faith to the ground. Moral of the story: if you set your mind to something and with the right effort, you can achieve it (and of course, Dachshunds are good fence climbers).

Jon is a dog walker and pet sitter based in Cammeray, Sydney. View Jon’s profile here.

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