Featured Dog Minders

Featured Dog Minder Raquel from Springvale in Melbourne

Raquel our featured Dog Minder from Springvale in Melbourne

Local doggy park & why it’s great?

Spring Valley Park is great because you get to see heaps of friendly dogs

Your first childhood dog’s name and breed

Her name was Chat, a miniature schnauzer

What one life lesson could humans learn from dogs?

They will be always there with you, through good and bad, no matter what.

“It’s a dog’s life” because…

They get to eat and sleep all day long!

Best thing about minding?

Definitely being able to learn about the behaviours of so many different pets, I find it super interesting.

Favourite breed & why?

It would be the German Shepherd, I am a fan of big dogs, they demonstrate such a strong character.

If you could be any celebrity’s dog for a day who would it be?

Lady Gaga’s dog, the Frenchie Miss Asia Kinney!

What did a dog last to do make you smile?

She jumped up in my bed to snuggle

Tell us a short doggy tale.

Every time I give my dogs a treat, I tell them to “sit pretty” and one of them always does. However, the other one won’t do it and looks at me like telling me ‘’I know you will give me that treat even if I don’t sit pretty so why bother!?’’

Raquel is a dog walker and pet sitter based in Springvale South, Melbourne. View Raquel’s profile here.

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