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Dog Home Alone? 4 Foolproof Boredom Busters

We’ve all been there. Leaving your dog for the day is hard! Image via Pixabay.

It’s 8am, and you’re racing to leave the house to make your first meeting of the day. But there’s something stopping you. Your furbaby is sitting at the door, begging you not to leave with those big chocolate eyes. We’ve all been there. Thankfully there are some things you can do to make sure your pup is entertained throughout the day. Follow our tips below for some great dog boredom busters. And don’t worry, they’ll still be excited to see you when you get home!

1. Start the day with a run
It seems simple, but it’s surprising the number of people who walk their dogs in the evenings and not the morning. Your dog will be at their most energetic after first waking up. Make the most of the morning quiet and take your pup on a jog through a local park, or a brisk walk around the block. They’ll be happier to rest in their comfy bed after burning off some of that early morning energy.

Help burn off that morning energy with a run. Image via Pixabay.

2. Invest in some puzzle toys
There are some great toys on the market for clever dogs. My personal favourite is a good old-fashioned treat ball. The maze-like inside traps the treat, and requires some wit and force to get them out. A treat ball can easily keep my dog entertained for half an hour as she chases after it, running from room to room while it bounces into walls and doors. A good tip is to mix the size of the treats you put inside – the small ones will come out easily and encourage your dog to keep playing, while the larger ones will take some perseverance.

Other toys include treat puzzles, where dogs have to use their noses and mouths to open panels to find the food. These games can be incredibly stimulating for dogs, burning that mental energy they might otherwise use to bark at the neighbour’s cat.

3. Hire a dog walker
If your dog is young or very energetic, considering investing in a dog walking service twice a week. This is particular helpful for dogs who like to chew or dig while you’re out. You can organize to have your dog walked by themselves or with other dogs, which is a great opportunity to help socialize them. Dog walkers often take the dogs for walks at dog beaches or parks. Your dog will love all the new sights and smells to explore.

4. Organise a doggy date
Have a friend with a dog who is also home alone? Organise a regular day to get your puppies together. Take turns dropping your dogs at each other’s houses. If you don’t have any friends with dogs, put the word out at your workplace. Most dog parents are also looking for ways to keep their pups busy while they’re at work. You might even make a new dog-loving friend.

Find your pup some doggie friends. Image via Pixabay.

What tricks do you use to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work? Tell us in the comments below!

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