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9 Fun and Easy Places to Take Your Dog

We all love our dogs and hence we want to give them the best possible lives by taking them on adventures that fill them with joy. They make us happy, so we should make them happy in turn. There’s nothing quite like seeing your dog have a fantastic time by being in a new environment or exploring some new ground. These are the exact reasons that we want to provide you with information, fresh ideas and inspiration for new places to take your dog, and what the best environments for them are. Depending on the breed of your pooch, these ideas and activities will vary a little bit but at the end of the day, you know your dog and therefore you know what they’re up for and likely to be interested in.
Quite simply, as much as dogs love their homes they also love to explore and get access to all manner of new smells. So think about a few places you could take your pups to excite and bring them happiness.

A day at the beach with your dog? Perfection!

1. The beach
Some beaches don’t allow dogs, but many do. If you don’t already take your dog down to the beach, imagine their joy at frolicking around on the shore and enjoying the fresh air and feeling of sand and ocean underneath their little paws. If you don’t have a beach nearby, perhaps there’s the option of a lake or river to consider. As always, safety first.

2. The park
An oldie but a goldie, we of course have to mention the park in this equation. You most likely already have a park or two that you take your dog to for regular walks and activity. Our suggestion is to consider taking them to a new park every now and then, simply to allow them to enjoy some new surrounds and environments. Simple but effective.

Image via Pexels.
Most dogs love the car. Image via Pexels.

3. A ride in the car
Most dogs love a good ride in the car, with their head out the window to enjoy the wind on their little (sometimes huge) faces. So long as you’ve got a good place to take them on a drive, this is an awesome idea for a quick little bout of fun. Obviously disclude highways and make sure your dog isn’t apt to try and jump out and chase something interesting if they happen to see it.

Image via Pexels.
Who wouldn’t want this pup in their shop? Image via Pexels.

4. A pet friendly cafe or restaurant
More and more cafes and restaurants are opening that allow pets to join in the fun. Some even offer special meals for dogs or at the very least a water bowl. It’s not only a new place to take your dog but also somewhere to meet other dogs and dog owners while trying a new spot for food. Can’t see a negative on this one.

Image via Pexels.
Image via Pexels.

5. A boat ride
Naturally, this is something that not everyone will have the ability to do. If you do however have access to a boat from time to time, or even on a one off occasion, consider including your dog in the joy. It’s something completely new and different for them, and as they love the water as well as movement, it’s a win win. Just make sure you take care that they don’t jump out unless it’s safe for a dip or paddle.

Image via Pexels.
Dogs have a sense of adventure, indulge it! Image via Pexels.

6. A hike
If you’re lucky enough to have some good hiking tracks around you then it’s the perfect place to take your dog, as long as you give them a once over for any bites afterwards. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a dog enjoy a hike off-leash, then this is surely an experience that will be just as valuable to you as it is to them. Running through the bush and exploring is second to none for an active pup.

Image via Pexels.
Image via Pexels.

7. Camping
As long as you find somewhere safe (ie. no nasty ticks or insects around) a camping trip with your dog is something you will enjoy just as much as they will. Getting out into nature and enjoying new surrounds as well as plenty of new tracks to walk on is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your pup.

Image via Pexels.
Image via Pexels.

8. A friend’s house
This might seem like a simple option, but if you’re running out of ideas for new places to take your dog, a friend’s house could be a great solution. As long as they’re okay with having dogs in their home/yard, it’s a super easy way to socialise with the added bonus of spending time with your dog and exposing them to a whole new space for enjoyment.

Image via Pexels.
Dogs love a good run! Image via Pexels

9. Running or jogging
If you already go for a run/jog on a regular basis, consider taking your dog with you. It’s a great way for them to get some exercise and spend time with you at the same time. Of course, if you don’t jog or run, perhaps it’s a good idea to start doing so with your dog, even once a week. It means you get some exercise and include your pup. Perfect!

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