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7 Films Every Dog Lover Must Watch At Least Once

Everyone loves a movie day. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than a sofa-bound lazy day binge-watching films about dogs! That’s why we’ve narrowed down some of the best must-see films that every pooch-enthusiast needs to check out at least once (or 100 times).

And because everyone’s experienced the struggle of scrolling for hours on Netflix trying to find something to watch, four out of seven of the films we’ve listed can be found on the movie streaming website Netflix.

1. Marley & Me (2008)
(This one was always going to be top of the list). This heart-warming classic follows the lives of Newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston) as they settle into family life after adopting Marley, a loveable but mischievous yellow Labrador pup. Make sure you have the tissues in hand as this is one emotional film.

2. A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – Available on Netflix
This 2017 comedy-drama follows the journey of a dog who reincarnates multiple times and attempts to discover his purpose in life. This touching film is perfect for a Sunday spent on the sofa and is also bound to make you shed a tear or two.

3. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
We had to include at least one Disney classic! Lady is a spoilt cocker spaniel who has lived the life of luxury until her owners have their first child and before she knows it, she finds herself living on the street. Lady meets Tramp, a stray dog also living rough, and soon they become friends. The pairs friendship soon turns to romance but circumstances make it tough for them to pursue their relationship.

4. Benji (1974) – 2018 version available on Netflix
Orphaned puppy, Benji, comes to the rescue when Paul and Cindy, some children he befriends, run into trouble. This uplifting film is a must-see whether you’re a dog lover or not. And the best part? Once you’ve finished there’s a handful more films to the sequel and a 2018 remake, which is available on Netflix.

5. Marmaduke (2010) – Available on Netflix
An adorable Great Dane, voiced by Owen Wilson, struggles to fit in with the new dogs on the block when his owners move from Kansas to Orange County. It doesn’t help that chaos seems to follow Marmaduke which makes it hard for the oversized teenager to adapt to his new environment and fulfil his romantic interest with Jezebel, who happens to be the neighbourhood bully’s girlfriend.

6. Hotel for Dogs (2009)
Siblings Andi and Bruce move into a new foster home where pets are forbidden, meaning their dog, Friday, is left without a home. The children stumble across an abandoned hotel and completely transform it into a place for stray dogs to find shelter. But the pair must find a way to keep their secret hidden from suspicious neighbours.

7. The stray (2017)
A young boy brings home a stray dog called Pluto to his complicated family home. The Davis’s are struggling with a failing marriage and a broken father-son relationship. There seems no way to re-bond the family until wonder dog Pluto steps in the save the day (in more ways that one).

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