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Our Favourite Animal Charities

Thinking about give a little of your ‘hard earned’ to charity? Unsure which one to choose? Here are our five favourite animal charities.

RSPCAFind a dog minder

RSPCA was formed in the 1980’s with the mission to prevent the cruelty to animals. They are an independent, non-government and community based organisation with around 1000 employees and 40 different shelters. The money to provide their service comes mainly from public donations, fundraising, grants and business partnerships. RSPCA provides animal care and protection which sometimes includes, among other things, enforcing animal cruelty laws.

FindADogMinder is a supporter of RSCPA NSW.

find a dog minder

Animals Australia 

Formed as a non-profit organisation in 1980, Animals Australia set the goal to stop animal cruelty. They are investigating and exposing animal cruelty on a regular basis to raise public awareness and to encourage respect for all kinds of animals. Further, Animals Australia strongly represent animals to the government. Today, the organisation has got 1.5 million individual supporters and the number further going up.



Australian Animal Rescue

The organisation was established back in 2009 after the destructive bushfires in Victoria. Australian Animal Rescue is a non-
profit and non-government organisation which provides animal rescue, disaster relief throughout Victoria and Queensland, as well as assisting other shelters and help in the recovery of all kinds of animals. After the recovery Australian Animal Rescue helps to find new homes or to release wild animals back into their natural habitat. By donating, you help in providing better facilities and making sure the organisation can continue their work.


Assistance Dogs Australia find a dog minder

Assistance Dog Australia was founded in 1996 and is a national charity. The purpose of this non-government organisation is to train dogs, especially Golden Retrievers and Labs, to support people with disabilities. These include developmental disabilities (cerebral palsy or spina bifida), debilitating illnesses (multiple sclerosis), people with PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and children with autism. The training lasts 2 years and the costs for one dog sum up to 30,000. These costs include the training, food, kennelling costs, the placement, veterinarian costs and follow-ups. By donating, these costs get covered, so that Assistance Dog Australia is able to provide free charge for the people who need the dogs to live more independently.


find a dog minderPet Rescue 

Back in 2004 Pet Rescue was launched with the mission to raise awareness for rescue pets so they can find a new home. The website makes it possible for rescue groups, foster carers and other individuals to put their adoptable pets online and therefore reach a big part of the public. In addition to that Pet Rescue wants to show that it is a great alternative to adopt a rescue pet. At the moment, the organisation is supporting more than 800 rescue groups and shelters over the country and they have got the largest database of that kind in Australia.


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