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How to minimise mess when you have pets

There’s no such thing as a clean and tidy home with pets, right? Maybe it feels that way in your domain right now – after all anyone who has pets knows that nothing will stay clean and tidy for long. But there are ways to minimise the mess and disruption of pets, and keep your home feeling less chaotic and more chilled.

Here are a few handy pointers for taking the edge of the mess that our pets have a tendency to create.

  1. Care for your upholstery
    You can make sure your furniture upholstery is well cared for either by not allowing pets on there, or by having throws or cushions that protect the surfaces. If you don’t want throws then make sure your upholstery is made of a fabric that isn’t loosely woven or hard to clean. Scotchgard or similar repellent protection is great and helps fabric stay clean. You may also want to choose covers that are removable for easy cleaning

  2. Traffic from toilet trips
    A lot of pet mess can occur in those instances when nature calls and your pet needs to do a bathroom trip. For indoor cats ensure you have at least one cat litter tray per cat and that it’s got high sides or a flap to avoid mess being transferred from the tray. Keep the tray regularly cleaned out too. For animals free to roam from outdoors to indoors, ensure your pet door is an easily cleaned area – e.g. not in a carpeted entrance, or if it is, lay down a mat. For dogs, consider wiping down their paws as you come in the door, or otherwise, just a nice big door mat so everyone’s feet and paws are wiped on the way in.
  3. Cleaning tools for efficiency
    Investing in a couple of key cleaning tools mean that you can stay on top of your fur troubles! The electrostatic mops are great for a quick mopping up of fur – and it saves getting the vacuum cleaner out every time. Also, make sure your vacuum has a small, upholstery head for cleaning your furniture. Finally, a lint roller is every pet owners’ best friend!
  4. Regular grooming
    One way to ensure fur isn’t flying around is to make sure your pets are groomed regularly. Short haired animals need a comb once a week, but longer haired pets will probably need to see that brush a little more often. As dogs don’t clean themselves they must be bathed regularly too – while, thankfully, cats look after cleaning themselves. Also, get cats a scratching post and get dog nails trimmed regularly – and this will mean less scratching to your floors and upholstery.
  5. Walkies organisation
    Dogs (and some cats) love their walks, but some of the gear we require to take them on walks can get very mucky – especially in the winter months, and sand can get everywhere! Try to keep coats, boots, leashes, ball/toys and all other items you use for ‘walkies’ to a specific area, such as a laundry (if it has a door to your outside) and tidied away so dirt residue doesn’t transfer around the place.

Hopefully that helps minimise mess from your pets. Now to work out how to reduce mess from the human kiddies…

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