Featured Dog Minders

Featured Minder Mehak from Baulkham Hills

Pet Sitter, Mehak from Baulkham Hills

Local doggy park & why it’s great?

The dog enclosure at Balcombe Heights Park; it is great because dogs can be off-leash in the fully fenced park and run around freely and play with other dogs

What one life lesson could humans learn from dogs?

There are a lot of things humans can learn from their furry-friends. For example: loyalty and unconditional love, ­­just to name a few.

Best thing about minding?

It’s super fun and very rewarding.

Favourite breed & why?

Cocker Spaniels; having minded two professionally, and frequently looking after my aunty’s cocker spaniel (his name is Bruno) and being able to see him grow since he was just about 8-9 weeks old has definitely reserved a special spot for Cockers in my heart. They are sure to keep you entertained with their cheeky and loveable personalities.

If you could be any celebrity’s dog for a day who would it be?

Paris Hilton’s dog; I think it would be fun to be pampered What did a dog last do to make you smile?

What did a dog last to do make you smile?

Just looking at a dog itself makes me smile!

Tell us a short doggy tale.

Bruno, my aunty’s dog was being very naughty, so I decided not give him any attention and so I didn’t let him come up on my bed (which I usually allow him to) and he knew I was mad at him so he just stood near my side of the bed, with his face resting on the corner of the bed (trying to seek permission to come up on the bed). I kept ignoring him and so he put his front two paws on the bed too (still trying to seek permission) and since I didn’t give him any attention at all, he fell asleep in that position, with half his body up on the bed and other half down on the floor. I just thought that was really cute and funny.

Mehak is a dog minder and pet sitter based in Baulkham Hills, Sydney. View Mehak’s profile here.

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